Why do you need bare metal dedicated servers?

With the advent of e-commerce, the whole concept of speading a business has radically changed over the years. The world wide web has taken total control over the market with the more and more usage of the electronic medium in marketing. Some countries have totally shifted to plastic money which has made virtual skills more important in the marketing arena. If you are a businessman trying to spread your business online, you might just consider giving yor website a chance to sell your merchandise or to promote your product.

But the thing is, most of the enterpreneurs do not have any idea about what kind of servers to choose for their business plans. A lot many options are available, such as the windows hosting, shared hosting, Linux hosting, or 100tb dedicated hosting. Now, it would always be recommended that you use a dedicated server for this particular purpose. Now let us see what this means?

What is a dedicated 100tb server?

100TB Traffic Dedicated Servers

100TB Traffic Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is one that would serve your, and only your purpose and is stored in datacenters housed in Germany. The bandwidth 100 tb server will offer will be undivided, and thus it will be a perfect condition for your website. The bandwidth will not be shared either physically or by the barmetal mathod, and thus be assured to get the full value for your money in the mode of high quality service. This is unlike the shared servers which would slow down your site because the bandwidth of the server is getting compromised. As a result, there would be a lot of problems for your probable customers and your reputation as an enterpreneur will suffer a jolt.

Suppose a customer is making a payment through a payment gateway, and suddenly your server slows down. There would arise a lot of confusion regarding the payment of money that would be impossible for you to handle on a daily basis. So the only option for you is to opt for a bare metal dedicated servers, that would not be what you would call cheap, but nonetheless affordable, keeping in mind the facilities you would be getting. You should not go for the cheapest ones, as these might have degraded storage facilities, and that implies that your server is susceptible to breakdown. A lot of companies offer discounts, and it is safe to go for these offers and discounted prices because normally they offer more for their service.

Which dedicated server should you trust and why?

German Dedicated Server with 1Gbit

Since you are yourself a company, you should understand that when you are thinking of using a dedicated server you are actually thinking of outsourcing to another company that is an expert in handling servers. Unless you are an IT firm, this is a wise enough step. The country that you can rely upon when it comes to Web hosting is Germany. The German dedicated servers are actually more effective and exclusive that the virtual accounts and since you are going for a separate machine that is solely dedicated for your website, (and not to say that you are paying considerably more), you can expect superior service in terms of great speed that would enable your customers to shop on your site with confidence.

All this is because you have a total power over the bandwidth you are getting. Now let us clear a confusion. Most virtual accounts on any server would tell you that you are having “unlimited” bandwidth which is nothing but a toally misleading statement. As soon as any other company rises above the others considerably (speaking in terms of traffic), the others are slowed down. So there is a fair chance that your experience with these accounts might not be as expected. But when you are using a dedicated web hosting service, the bandwidth they provide will be actuall the real bandwidth that you are paying for and will inevitably vary with the numbers of the virtual accounts and you will know the difference.


This is a very important part of the concept. At first when you had been thinking of your website casually, you had used a shared server to launch your website. But gradually, your website became popular and the kind of traffic that visits your website daily is soon not suitable for a shared server. So you opt for a dedicated server for hosting. But this is not so simple as it seems.

You have to change your entire configuration since you are now using a powerful machine that is only catering to your needs specifically. The outdated Celeron processor that you had been using would not work anymore. You need to adjust the sum of the RAM and the port speed. Simultaneously, you have to go for new processors that might be a dual core or a pentinum 4 processor. The CPU might be changed to the most recent 64 bit AMD. The RAM must be managed adroitly, and the range that you can avail begins with 1GB and ends with 8GB.

Clear advantages over other servers

A dedicated webhost offers you a lot more than you can imagine at the moment without actually having used it. Let us have a look at some requirements that we would be having and thus compare the role of the toegewijd (dedicated) server as against other servers or a virtual account:

• With your company growing in size everyday, it is possible that you would be needing fresh funding any moment. The voucher system in a virtual account that connects you and the funding team is not at all competent, and not to say, slow. In a competitive market, time is money, and a dediziert (dedicated) server realizes this appropriately by leeting you have an access to your funding immediately.

• As you have signed up to your own, unique server, you can expect to be treated with great individual care and that would help you to solve your problems very swiftly, and thus provide a much better service to your customers and thus have a great reputation in the market.

More details

Now, the question is, what should be the bandwidth that would be suitable for your website and is worth paying for. It is recommended that you use the 100TB servers that would provide you with enough bandwidth for your website and would give you enough power to compete with other companies. Since this is not a shared bandwidth, this should be enough to handle a large number of customers for your site. The size of 100tb servers is great and thus it can easily upload videos and other large files to your website which is considered to be a great boost in marketing. The website would also load fast on the devices used by the customers since you are using a toegewijd (dedicated) 100tb host that is not shared by others.

Managed or unmanaged

Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS

You can go for a managed dediziert (dedicated) server if you want your server to be taken care of by a third party. If you do not trust others, you can look after it yourself by choosing to use an unmanaged server. You have entire freedom to choose your own tools here and might have an edge over the managed servers if you are experienced and confident.